Week Ending 8-6-23 Thomas and Talea

by Marcie
brother and little sister with their plates of nachos

Monday we worked on Blueberry Hill in the morning while Thomas and his friends picked. We babysat and went to the orthodontist. In the evening we cut wild blackberries out of the pig pasture and mowed it.

a big grassy pasture getting mowed


On Tuesday morning we dug at the springs for an hour and then I took 4 of the kids to my sister’s house in Charlotte where they spent the rest of the week. They went to work with her at the college where she works and swam in her condo pool afterwards. Meanwhile, I had a great time with just Tom and Tilly. Actually, Monday through Wednesday we babysat Isla so we had her too. Tilly was a big help with her. After she left Wednesday night I just had the 2 kids.

brother and little sister playing the piano together

Thomas played the piano while Talea practiced her song for upcoming auditions. She sang “Candle on the Water” and it was so sweet.

brother and little sister dressed in rain coats ready to go milk the cow in the rain

Thursday it rained the entire day. Usually we wait for it to let up before milking or run out at the first sound of thunder. But there was no let up this day. It rained from when we woke up till when we went to bed. We got 3.5″ in one day! So we donned raincoats and went out and milked Maisy in the rain. It was actually super fun. We had to take care of the chickens in the rain too, collect eggs, then milk Maisy again at night in the pouring rain. But we had a great day!

6 year old with a green raincoat on holding a big pot to go milk the cow

Talea was my little buddy helper the rest of the week! She was cheerful about milking, weeding, picking blueberries and other garden produce, counting chicks and chasing them into the barn, cleaning the house, and more!

6 year old girl times herself as she does a puzzle

While it rained all day Talea timed herself doing puzzles with the Rubix cube timer. This one took her 3 minutes. I worked on lesson plans and other work endeavors. We also cut one long curtain we have in half and hemmed it to make two curtains for Tilly’s room.

one long curtain laying on the floor

The blueberries are about done! All over the bush are almost empty clusters of blueberries already picked. But at the top I found a huge cluster still ripening! We have about another week left of blueberry picking! It’s been a great season.

The kiwi are still hanging on but I’m not sure if they’ll grow any more because the Japanese beetles have eaten so many of their leaves. I’m hoping they grow and ripen! On the right is Talea who caught a fire salamander in a container.

We got this dress from the program that gives us things for free if we review them. Talea loves it!! She put it on and wanted to play wedding. So we invited her friend over who played wedding with her at his house last year. We had a hard time convincing him to play again but he finally married her. 🙂 When Talea held up her bouquet she almost fell over it was so large and I couldn’t help but laugh and laugh.

six year olds dress up as bride and groom and pretend to get married
brother and sister doing a puzzle together

Saturday the 3 of us did this 300 piece puzzle together called “Tilly’s Teddy Bear Emporium.” It was fun to talk and do a puzzle for an hour, just the 3 of us.

brother and little sister with their plates of nachos

For dinner we had cobb salad and I laughed when I saw Thomas’s little plate and Talea’s big one. Of course she didn’t finish her plate, Thomas did, and got another plate for himself. We made a lot of memories, the three of us. We did some projects outside and some inside, Thomas did his online classes, we played the piano and sang, drank raw milk hot chocolate on the cold rainy day, read with Tilly a lot, helped her with school, cleaned the house, and ate fun meals together. We kept pretty busy and never did watch any movies, but felt pretty productive. It was a great week!

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