Week Ending 7-9-23 Fourth of July and Summer Days

by Marcie
7 year old boy reading on the couch in shorts and tshirt


kids having a pinata for their doll's birthday party

When I got home from work at the bakery the 5 little kids were having a birthday party for a baby doll. They’d made a pinata, hung it from the string to the attic ladder, and were now divvying up the candy

eggs and milk from a farm

I love having our own farm fresh milk and eggs! It’s an incredible feeling and dream come true.

fridge full of jars of fresh raw milk

Our top shelf full of milk! I’ve used up every big jar we have. Time to find some good uses for the milk. We ended up making 2 gallons of yogurt, 1 gallon of chocolate milk, used 8 cups in crock pot macaroni and cheese, made blueberry muffins with our blueberries, and also had French toast. It was a fun cooking week! Oh, and we had a frittata with zucchini in it.

5 fresh picked zucchini

These are Anderson’s 5 zucchini he picked. He is in charge of the zucchini box so he plants, waters, and weeds it. He’s so proud of them and takes pictures and sends them to Alexis every time he picks one. We used 2 in the frittata with our milk and eggs and it was delicious.

homemade butter

Homemade butter! It was really fun to make. We used to have honey from our neighbor but we ran out so we used store bought to make a batch of honey butter. When we get more from our neighbor (whose bees are always at our house!) we’ll have our own fresh honey butter made right here.

Tuesday: Fourth of July!!

7 year old boy reading on the couch in shorts and tshirt
I love seeing Andy lying around reading. He’s more of a crafter and is constantly making something, so he actually doesn’t sit around and read much like my other kids do.
7 year old boy reading on the couch in shorts and tshirt
kids swimming in a backyard pool

I had to work at the bakery in the morning but in the afternoon we went to an older couple’s house nearby. They have a pool which the kids enjoyed and then we had a cookout.

kids swimming in a backyard pool
friends at a 4th of July dinner in a screen porch

It’s the first time we’ve done anything for 4th of July since we moved here so it was fun to get together with friends.


4 kids in a family helping with the table saw

Thomas is making a stand for our blueberry patch to keep the cash box and boxes for picking in. When I was running to the chicken coop I saw he had gotten the little 3 kids to give him a hand. It was so sweet! My kids are all so good to help around the farm so that we can keep living here. It’s really been a great bonding experience.

girl sticking her head out the window of the car

Driving to town on Wednesday evening, Talea stuck her head out the window all the way down the mountain. Everytime I turned around she was just gleefully feeling the wind on her face. It made me nervous because she wasn’t buckled properly but it still made my heart happy to see her enjoying childhood so thoroughly. What’s more fun than sticking your head out the window driving down a beautiful country road

girl in the back seat of the car with the window down


two girls show chicks they are holding

Talea had a friend over and together they played with the chicks the entire morning. They even ate lunch on the grass holding the chicks. In the afternoon we did water balloons and the slip ‘n slide.

kids playing with water balloons in the yard
kids play with water balloons in the yard
girl sitting on the recliner sofa playing doctor

After our friend went home Makenna and Talea played doctor while Samuel and Anderson made dinner all by themselves. They chose the dinner, got everything out, and made the entire dinner without a word to me. I was engrossed in doing some art lesson plans and finally got up to check on them. They are quite the team! This was Sam’s dinner night and he’d picked grilled cheese. The next night was Andy’s dinner night. He picked French toast and again the two of them made dinner all by themselves complete with sides. They’re going to make good husbands one day.

two boys making grilled cheese sandwiches for their family
two boys making grilled cheese sandwiches for their family
two boys making grilled cheese sandwiches
two boys show off a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches they made


a hand full of blackberries

It’s blackberry season! We have the biggest, juiciest blackberries I’ve ever tasted. Every year I’m going to propagate more and more so I have enough to share with friends.

a chicken sitting in an old barrel

This chicken named Blackbeak, has found a new cool place to hang out by herself.

a chicken in a barrel
a fawn in the front yard

This fawn has officially moved in. She lives under the grapevines and browses in our yard all day. She’s so tiny and cute. We haven’t seen her mother anywhere. I hate shewing her away, yet I know she’ll eat our whole pumpkin patch while it’s ripening, so I can’t encourage her to stay either.

a fawn by the grapevines
Fronsie’s bed under the grapes.
a boy listening to an audio book on the front swing

While I’m debating whether to shew Fronsie away or throw our apple cores out for her to eat, Anderson was enjoying watching the fawn walk around the yard along with the squirrels and 1 groundhog. He was listening to “I Survived the Joplin Tornadoes” book he got at the library. What a perfect summer day.

 boy listening to an audio book on the front porch swing


overgrown pumpkin patch

The pumpkin plants have been neglected this year, poor things. We haven’t watered or weeded like we should. So Saturday morning we all went out and tended them. We planted on time, but since we got so little rain in June and didn’t water much, they are still very small. I’m not sure if they’ll be ready by October, bummer. Last year we had a great crop and I was hoping for more this year. Guess we’ll see!

Hard to tell, but we mowed between the rows, weeded around each plant and mulched it. Plus watered them a lot. I’ll keep you posted!

The view of the garden from the corner of the pumpkin patch.

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