Week Ending 7-30-23 Nature Camp

by Marcie
kids hiking in a creek

Monday: Babysitting

We watched Karston and Isla and got the yard ready for nature camp on Tuesday.

13 year old on a riding mower holding a baby
cow eating out of a pail while a toddler chases the chickens near by
Isla was so cute trying to catch the chicks while I milked.
6 year old milks a cow while chickens run around

This is my most favorite picture of Tilly milking Maisy. I was milking this side and watching my sweet 6 year-old deftly milking her side. The braids, the chickens roaming about… it was too picturesque not to pull out my phone and take a picture. I love my family and I love my farm! It’s moments like these that make it all worth it.

9 year old milks a cow

While Tilly was milking she looked over her shoulder and saw Karston standing behind the electric fence. She sweetly asked, “Mom, should I let Karston have a turn and teach him how to milk?” as if she felt he was being left out. He did want to have a turn so she taught him how. He caught on pretty quick! Then we went up to pick on Blueberry Hill and Thomas and Tilly stayed to watch Isla. When I came in Tilly was sweetly reading to her.

clear container of blueberries on the grass
6 year old reading to 10 month old on the couch

Tuesday Nature Camp!

It was such a fantastic day!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had doing a nature camp. I am in my element and could do it all day everyday. I forget the time or that there’s other stuff to do, but just have fun playing with the kids and watching them explore and discover beautiful plants, leaves, bugs, rocks, everything!


We reinforced the chicken fence by adding some chicken wire to the bottom so the little chicks can’t slip out and predators have a hard time getting in.

kids fixing a chicken fence
little girl helping to reinforce a chicken fence
Tilly cutting the zip ties after we put them on.

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