Week ending 7-16-23 Our Blueberry Patch is Open!

by Marcie
two sisters standing by the blueberry sign they painted

This was a great week. The 5 little kids got scholarships to go to a string camp, so I took them to that every day from 10-12. The teacher was so impressed with Makenna that at the end of the week he gave her a violin! He says every summer he picks a needy child who shows promise to give a violin to. What a blessing!

The afternoons and evenings were mostly spent working on Blueberry Hill. Either mowing paths, cutting thorns and getting it ready to open; or making a stand or signs. But it’s finally open! After 2 years of hard work, it’s finally open and my dream of owning a blueberry patch has come true!

Baby Doll Birthday Party

Another doll has had their birthday, this time Talea’s. She had everyone get their dolls and have them do three legged races and potato sack races. I think it’s so sweet how siblings go along with doll birthday parties and how everyone has a good time. It may seem silly to celebrate every doll (with a bigger party than we give ourselves), but in this family what’s important to one is important to all. So we had a good time celebrating baby doll Jenna.

Blueberry Patch Clean up

Tuesday night some friends came over and helped us clean out some more brambles and thorns so that we could open Blueberry Hill for picking. Afterward they got a turn to milk the cow.

picking blueberries
Looking good enough to open! Picking some to try them out.
kids sitting on the roof of a minivan with the sun setting behind them
Andy and Talea poking their heads out of the sunroof with the sun setting behind them.
My good friend, Amy, is excited to milk a cow for the first time.

Opening the Blueberry Patch!

Making the Cash Box Stand

3 kids showing off the blueberry stand they made
Thomas made this amazing cash box stand for the bluebery patch. I cut and put on the roof. We’re super proud of ourselves.
6 year old sits by a blueberry stand box
3 kids stand by a finished blueberry stand cash box
Putting the stand on Blueberry Hill. We had to screw it to a post and then bury it 12″ in the ground and it still wobbled! It’s a really heavy, sturdy box. But now people can come pick!

Making the Signs

kids make a blueberry sign for a blueberry patch on a picnic table

Lori came up for the weekend and got to work making us signs for the road. We found old wood and paint in the barn and she made us some beautiful signs we’re also proud of. She made one that said “Blueberries” and one that said “Next Right” and then another one that said “Blueberries” to be seen from the parking lot.

kids paint blueberry signs
two sisters standing by the blueberry sign they painted

Putting Them Up!

blueberries sign on the side of the road
girl standing on top of an old car to put a blueberry sign up
Tilly standing on the car which I used to put the sign up.
6 year old standing by a blueberries sign at a blueberry patch
entrance to a blueberry patch
The view from the parking lot of a tiny church, the corner of our property. People can park here and walk the mown path down to the blueberry bushes and cash box.
holding up a five dollar bill

On Saturday we got our first five dollars!! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, part of me hopes that we’ll get at least 10 people a day coming to pick. But the other part of me is still in awe that this dream of owning a blueberry patch is coming true. I actually cleaned out 100 old blueberry bushes (well, we still have a lot more to go!), made a cash box stand, made signs, advertised on facebook, opened a blueberry patch and earned $5! I’ve dreamed of opening one for years and I can’t believe I actually did it. A big undertaking but so much fun and so worth it. I think we’ll be saving this money as a souvenir and proof that we can do hard things and dreams do come true.

Miscellaneous Pictures

brother and sister wet from the rain
Andy and Tilly playing in the rain.
6 year old walks a white dog
Talea walking a dog I get paid to walk. She loves to come with me and get some Mommy time.
a rack of farm fresh eggs on the counter
Finally getting lots of eggs again!

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