Week ending 5-28-23 Wait’s House, Big Tree Down

by Marcie
kids riding in a Mule 4 wheeler

This week I worked at the bakery and several other odd jobs. The kids got a couple of odd jobs too so we were pretty busy. Whenever I was home I worked on a music curriculum and got it listed for sale on Teachers pay Teachers. When I was tired of computer work I worked in the garden and yard. It was a really productive week with beautiful weather.

Playing at the Wait’s house

Before we had our productive week we went to the Wait’s house for dinner on Sunday. They have 400 acres and are a really fun family. We had tacos and then saw their new treehouse they’ve built and went for a ride in their Mule. Then sat around outside playing ukuleles and guitars and singing while eating dessert. They motivate me to keep making improvements to my homestead as they do everything themselves and have gotten a lot done since we were last there 18 months ago.

kids serving themselves taco bar

fancy treehouse in the woods
kids playing in a treehouse
kids playing in a treehouse
3 kids on a 4 wheeler
family riding on a mule 4 wheeler
mule 4 wheeler ride
two girls on the back of a mule ride
girl swinging on a vine
Makenna swinging on a vine.
Boy swinging on a vine

Cutting down Norway spruce tree

My favorite tree in our driveway, the Norway spruce tree, died this winter. I’m so sad. Even the county extension guy said he didn’t know why it died. It was big and beautiful. Part of me wanted to leave it b/c it still provided a bit of shade and made the driveway cozy. The other part of me wanted to get it down quickly so that I could plant another tree or shrubs and get those growing to replace the shade we lost. We also had the fencing down so it was a good time before we put it back up. So down the beloved tree came! It was scarier than I thought. It was huge and the biggest tree I’ve ever cut down. It could have easily fallen on me and killed me. Or the trunk when it came up, could have smashed my face. Then later when we cut the branches it was leaning on, it could have fallen or rolled and smashed me in a second. But I was protected and it’s all taken care of now.

a Norway spruce tree cut down

End of May Garden Photos

I love to look back and see the garden month to month from March to November. Especially the rapid growth from June to August. So here are some end of May photos.

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