Week ending 4-9-23 Dragons, new chicks, Easter

by Marcie
4 little hens gather around a chicken feeder

This week was much better! My head is all good and I got a lot of projects done outside. I’ve been stuck in a decision rut concerning my pastures and how to earn money, so I just tried to get things done to feel productive. I love projects and could do them all day everyday. This week I’ll go day by day.


I cut down a beautiful crepe myrtle that was sandwiched between two trees and never did bloom because it got no sun. I hated doing it but now the other two trees will have more space too.

Pictures: When I hauled branches to the burn pile I looked up through one of our pastures and driveway to see tiny green leaves on all the trees. The little boys used some sticks as saws and pretended to cut up the branches with me. Then they carried one of the long ones around the yard just to see if they could. Meanwhile, the girls were building a huge dragon nest with some of my branches. The floor is made out of old carpet they found in the barn. Tilly enjoys dancing around the yard in her dress-up dress.


Kids played dragons outside all afternoon and climbed the Virginia Pines, pretending to be dragons. I made a new chicken barn door and installed an automatic door on it so that it’ll close when we’re at rehearsal and it’s dark/late.

kids playing in a dragon nest they made


I took Kaitlyn and Samuel on a mommy date bike ride. We rode on the New River Trail and ate a picnic lunch. We only rode for 2 hours but it was so relaxing and fun with just 2 kids and beautiful spring weather. Afterward we stopped at a guy’s house and bought 4 little hens, 12 weeks old. They have been a lot of work, keeping them separated from the big hens when they all free range and having them sleep in the house until the big hens are nice to them. Kaitlyn and Makenna are the main ones taking care of them. They keep the little hens on a different side of the house on the rainy days and watch all the hens together, sitting outside all day, protecting the little hens when needed, on the sunny days.


Talea and I planted a weeping willow I bought with a gift card from my sister. I’ve always wanted one so I hope it works out and grows healthy and strong. Kaitlyn decided to mow for the first time and got the mower out but then the kids decided to do an Easter Egg hunt while the grass was tall. The 4 little hens sat and watched the whole proceedings. Then Andy plopped down next to them.

5 year old girl standing by a newly planted weeping willow tree.


Talea and I made a log flower bed. I loved this hollow log I cut from a dead apple tree and thought it would be beautiful with creeping phlox in it. I hope it spreads all over the place. We’ll see if it works! As I was walking down to the barn I saw Thomas splitting wood. And the pawpaw and apple trees blossoming. I love spring here. Then I walked to the other side of the house and took pictures of the asparagus in the garden and the view of the house from the garden.


Happy Easter!! The kids lined up to go downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny came. Last year we had 8 kids, this year only 6. So sad the kids are growing up. After church we had a delicious Easter dinner with Aunt Lori who came up for the weekend. We played games and a little football outside.

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