Week ending 4-23-23 Beautiful weather, new chicken fence, broken down van

by Marcie
Family of 6 kids eating sloppy joes and asparagus at a picnic table in spring.

This was a pretty laid-back week. We had beautiful 70’s and 80’s weather and spent a lot of time outside. We took the 1 week old chicks out for the first time and they loved it. We put up a fence for our big chickens for when we want to go camping and ensure they stay out of the garden. We doubled up on history lessons to finish school next week before Alexis comes home so we’ll have time to play with her. I worked on writing music curriculum to sell online. The kids had friends over one day. Thomas went on a backpacking trip with 3 friends and some amazing outdoor leaders from church. The week was productive and fun until our van broke down on the side of the road on Friday. I called a friend for a ride home but it may be awhile before we get our van back.

view out the window of a country yard in spring.
In one week all the leaves came on the trees! I love watching the seasons change out my kitchen window.
two baby chicks playing outside in the dirt

The chicks were so cute running around. We have the 2 of them in a large tote in the house with plenty of space but apparently not! When we took them outside they ran all over the place. They’re very good at scratching and pecking and were already eating grass and ants.

family eating dinner at a picnic table while chicks played in a brooder box nearby.
My view when I came outside with more asparagus. The chicks on the left happily playing in brooder box. (At first they wanted to run under the deck so we kept them in there while we were busy eating.) Six kids happily eating and talking about their day at the picnic table.
Two chicks in a brooder box with 2 rocks and a feeder.
Family of 6 kids eating sloppy joes and asparagus at a picnic table in spring.
Delicious sloppy joes dinner with homemade french fries and fresh picked asparagus.
sever year-old dressed up in a navy blue suit and tie.
Random picture of Anderson. He was dressed up for a tea party with Tilly and his teacher at church has asked for a picture of him so I took this and sent it to her.
Talea made my juice shake smoothie recipe and poured it into popcicle molds. It was so hot this week, popcicles were a perfect snack!

The irises haven’t bloomed since we moved here so I’m excited that they are this year. This azalea I found somewhere else on the property and moved here. Glad they’re doing well! We’ve been told everything is blooming 3 weeks early this year.

area by barn where chicken fence will go
kids putting up a fence for chickens
We had a lot of fun putting the fence up and figuring it out together.
All done! It’ll be so nice having a fence for when we want to go camping or all day field trips. We won’t have to worry about the chickens getting into the garden. The rest of the time we leave the fence open and they’re welcome to free range.
new chicken fence on the side of the barn.
Kaitlyn put in a bunch of branches for the little chickens to hide under, logs for chickens to play on, and other things for a little playground for when they’re in there.

Hope you have a great week! And I hope we get some miracles this week.

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