Week Ending 3-5-23 Cars on the Concrete, Planting, Waltzing

by Marcie
Girl planting a peach tree

Kait and Kenna

Right now Kaitlyn and Makenna are 12 and 11. They do everything together. Every day at lunch they warm up a big plate of leftovers and share it or warm up the leftover bowl itself and eat out of it. After lunch they take their books and dolls and play in one of their many forts. This week they sewed matching clothes, headbands and backpacks for their dolls. They also made lots of cardboard creations including a pinball and a marble maze.

Cars on the Concrete

When I was little my dad drew us a map of our town on a heavy piece of canvas. He made roads and parking lots that could fit our Matchbox cars. We loved that “cars on the mat” and my mom still has it. When we lived in Greenville, NC I made a “cars on the mat” for Spencer, my oldest son. I was so happy to carry on that tradition. We’ve played with it for hours and hours. Now that we live here my little boys have been asking for a “cars on the mat” of our town here. They play with the one of Greenville but don’t even remember living there. (They were 2 and 4 months when we left.) I do want to make a “cars on the mat” of our town here but I also had a great idea of making a huge one on the concrete. We have this area that used to be where a pool was that I haven’t known what to do with. We got some paint markers for Christmas so we painted our town! It’s going to be “cars on the concrete.” It’s not done, but we did a lot of it on Tuesday. The other afternoons we did gardening work.

Planting Peaches

Planting Other Things

We also planted strawberries. All 7 of us went out together and planted 50 tiny strawberry plants. It was really fun but I forgot to take a picture until only Makenna and Talea were left outside with me. Another day we dug up forsythias that are too close to the house and moved them out to the driveway.

Practicing for Cinderella

My kids love rehearsing their plays at home. This scene, the ball scene, only Thomas is in but he wanted to practice the waltz so he got the kids to do it with him. It would have been better if Andy would have danced with Tilly and Sam with Makenna but Andy wouldn’t. It was still cute to watch them all.

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