Week Ending 3-31-24 Kids go to Florida, Maisy Dies, Easter

by Marcie
apple blossom close up

Spencer got a job with an uncle in Florida who does financial planning so he either needed to fly down there or drive. We decided he’d drive the other 6 kids down there so they could see grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins they haven’t seen in 3 years and Thomas would drive them home. This would give me an opportunity to write a couple of book studies to sell and work on other financial things I’ve got going on. It’s hard to get a lot done with the kids b/c I’d rather play with them and take care of them, so it was good to have time to focus on providing for the family.

Monday the 6 youngest kids auditioned for Lion King Jr and will be starting rehearsals this week. Tuesday morning all 7 piled in the van and drove the 10 hour drive to Florida. They made great time, only stopping once for gas and bathrooms, and made it just under 10 hours. (It’s taken 12-13 before with holiday traffic, accidents and construction.)

The first few days were rainy, gloomy, and lonesome but I knew I needed this time to work as hard as I could on earning money so I can stop depending on people. So I put my shoulder to the wheel and worked really hard. For breaks I did a lot of yard work: cutting up the trees we cut down last week, weeding the garden, mowing, etc. I also took care of the chickens and Maisy until she died on Good Friday.

Maisy Dies

Yes, our sweet, perfect cow, Maisy, passed away. It is so sad. She got sick 3 weeks ago. She was fine Thursday night, milked 2 gallons, was eating, perfectly fine. Friday morning she was acting weird, wouldn’t come to be milked, wouldn’t let her milk down, looked sad. A friend gave her some medicine a few days later and she was better for a bit but then was the same: wasn’t eating or drinking much, lying around, sick. Poor thing. It broke my heart. I know she’s old but she was my first cow, my dream come true to provide milk for my children. I loved her so much.

I was especially sad she died while the kids were gone. I didn’t expect that. She had seemed pretty good on Monday and I’d still had hopes she was on the mend. I was scared we’d lose a chicken while they’re gone (they’re very attached to the chickens) but I hadn’t thought about losing our cow.

Yard Work

I had so much fun working outside by myself for several hours each day. The spring weather was beautiful and I got to listen to podcasts and enjoy the satisfaction of getting a lot done.

Of course the chickens kept me company, haha. I can tell they miss the kids playing with them b/c they kept hanging out with me even when I was using my chainsaw.

Plant Quiz

I enjoyed taking pictures of plants putting forth their new spring growth all around the property. See if you can guess what each of these are. Scroll over the picture for the answers.

How many did you get right? Every year I feel that spring is so miraculous. How everything is created to know just how to grow into what it’s supposed to be. The fig and kiwi leaves are so different, for example. It’s incredible.


It was sad not to be with any of my children for Easter. But I’m glad they got to eat at Grandma’s with cousins and enjoy the holiday. Madalyn and Kylie (on the right) went with cousin Toad (also at BYU) to my sister’s house in Boise so I’m thrilled they also got to spend Easter with family. Alexis stayed in Utah but also went to an aunt’s house for Easter dinner. So good to have family!

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