Week Ending 3-26-23 Burning, Flowers & Blueberries Blooming, New Car

by Marcie
red tulip

We didn’t do too much this week. Stayed home all day and went to rehearsals at night. We had beautiful spring weather so most of the pictures I took are from around the homestead.


Monday afternoon we were playing outside when I just felt like burning the pile of old grapevines we pruned last fall plus a bunch of leaves and sticks on the ground. It was a perfect day for burning and everyone jumped in to help.

Andy rode the hoverboard pulling the dolly with a container on it, picking up sticks all over the yard. Then when the fire died down they had s’mores.

Sisters Over For Dinner

Tuesday we had the sister missionaries over for dinner again. Kaitlyn made a delicious enchilada casserole all by herself and everyone loved it. This was my view when I opened the kitchen window and stuck my hand out, ringing the dinner bell. I love seeing everyone happily playing. And for people to give my kids love and attention. Since I’ve been stressed about money and looking for jobs, I’ve played with them a lot less. So I love watching the sisters play with them.

Flowers Blooming

It is definitely spring around here! The daffodils are about done but the tulips are blooming, the azaleas are about to burst into bloom, the periwinkle is alive & spreading & flowering, and the redbud trees are flowering with pink & magenta colored blossoms.

Blueberry Bushes Blooming

The blueberry bushes have been blooming for quite a while and it is fun to watch the bees zoom from corolla tube to corolla tube. I find it fascinating and enjoy trying to capture it on camera. Blueberry bushes were the #1 thing I wanted on my farm and interestingly enough, they are my favorite to watch throughout the seasons. So many tiny changes every few weeks. (I liked this Michigan State website documenting them). I also think they’re beautiful colors all the time. Shades of pink, magenta and purple in the spring, dark blue in the summer against green leaves, shades of red all fall. Maybe because they’re right at my eye level, but I can’t help but notice and want to take pictures.

Goodbye Old Apple Tree

This apple tree has been dead since we moved here. It’s an eye sore in the summer when everything else is green but this is brown. I cut the branches awhile ago and finally got around to cutting the trunk. My chainsaw is little so it took going around it a few times, but I finally got it loose enough to kick over.

An old apple tree stump about 6 feet high.
After Mom cuts around the base, two kids get ready to kick over an old dead apple tree stump.

I went and called the kids to see who wanted to kick it over and Andy and Tilly did.

New Car!

My cousin and his wife, Alyssa, just bought a new car and offered us Alyssa’s old one. She’s had it since high school and it’s name is Steve. I kinda prefer being a one car family because it’s easier to take care of one vehicle and forces us to all go together even if someone has to go early. I’ve really loved the bonding we’ve had here by all riding together. However, they offered us their car so I said yes. I realize it will be great for Thomas to have if he wants to take classes at the community college (far away) or work. And for him to be responsible to pay insurance, gas, oil changes, etc. My older kids mostly shared with me and took kids places for me so I didn’t have them pay for gas. In any case, welcome to the farm, Steve!

Hanging Out on the Tramp

Thomas is so good to play whenever Tilly asks him to. I love watching them play and listening to them talk. That’s all for this week. Have a good one!

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