Week Ending 3-24-24 Farm Projects, Fun, and Grease Musical

by Marcie
two siblings riding in a gocart

It was a busy week around here as always. Not busy as in going places, but happily busy working on projects, improving the property, playing outside, and enjoying early spring on our little farm.

Tree cutting

This big dead tree has needed to come down for a year. But it’s right by the power line to the barn, so I’ve been scared to tackle it myself. I’m so glad Spencer was here to help! He figured out how to get it to fall where we wanted it to. He made all the cuts and then Thomas pulled on the rope while Spencer and I pushed. Sounds easy, but it actually took us 2 days! My wimpy little chainsaw kept overheating. But we got it done and I’m so glad. I’m going to make a table on top of the stump, just to set waterbottles on or the egg basket when we’re outside. We also got another two-trunked tree cut down by the power lines that I didn’t take a picture of. It’s also been on my list to cut down the past year so I’m happy we got them both this week!

Blueberry Hill

One afternoon we went up to Blueberry Hill to work on our blueberry patch. Only 15 weeks until we open! There is always so much to be done there like pruning, cutting down trees growing in the bushes, and pulling out thorny vines. It’s exhausting but satisfying. The missionaries came and were a huge help.

Planting Potatoes

We got the potatoes in this week as well as the carrots, marigolds, and sunflowers.

Organizing the Bike Shed

Talea helped me organize the bike shed one day. All of our outbuildings need organizing, and it’s one of my favorite things to do, but I’m trying to focus on my business and supporting my family so I haven’t done too much lately. The bike shed was pretty quick, just by putting up shelves we’ve had but hadn’t put up, then sweeping, and organizing.

Here are the before and after pictures:

Fun Times

I love watching the kids play outside all afternoon and evening: sword fighting with sticks, bike races, go cart driving, or playing dressup. They’re always busy with something fun. It’s a joy to watch.

Audition Practice

Spencer was a big help this week helping each of the 6 children get ready for Lion King auditions. Glad to have his musical talent here. I loved hearing him help and praise them.

Apostle Cards

We spent probably 5-6 hours assembling packs of 15 double sided cards with the prophet and apostles’ pictures and fun facts on them. We needed to make 30 for the primary children so it ended up being 900 apostle cards we cut out, plus cardstock to put the front and the back on, so that’s 1350 cards we cut! And soooo much glueing! Luckily Lori came up this weekend and she was a huge help. Plus my regular kid crew. We put a March Madness game on and cut and glued for 2 days. 🙂


The reason Lori came up this weekend was to see Thomas perform a lead role in Grease! It was the high school version, so it was cleaner than the movie. The cast did soooo great! I was blown away with the acting, accents, singing, and dancing. Thomas was fantastic! He was Danny’s friend and had lots of hilarious lines, a solo, and a duet. It was fun to watch a really good group of teens pretend to be sassy, smoke, and steal.

We couldn’t take pictures during the play, but here are some before it.

Have a great week!!

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