Week Ending 3-17-24 Creek & Driveway Cleanup, Farm Fun, Field Trip

by Marcie
6 year old girl on top of a go cart smiling in early spring

Enjoying Life on the Farm

boy and girl riding in a go cart

Andy has always wanted to drive something when he grows up: a garbage truck, tractor, snowplow, anything! So it’s no surprise how much he loves driving this gocart around. He loves it!

5 kids playing in the sandbox

The 5 little kids played in the sandbox a lot this week. Sometimes they played the cars and truck game they were playing. Other times Kaitlyn read to the others from the book she wrote herself while they just dug and played.

boy and girl roasting marshmallows in early spring

After a Saturday of yard work we had a campfire. Truthfully, this counted as work too as we burned piles of branches we’ve collected around our yard from all the storms this winter. I’m so glad to have the pile gone! But it was definitely fun having a bonfire while we played outside. We didn’t have s’mores fixings but the kids wanted to roast mini marshmallows that we did have.

The cherry tree is blossoming!! And the peas are also up, about 2-3″ tall. Spring is here!

Playing with crawdads and water salamanders in the creek.

Working Hard

We worked on our driveway several times this week. It has gotten horrible with all the rain this winter. Lots of big ruts and the car bottomed out in several places. Spencer has been the force behind raking it and trying to level it out some. It’s not perfect, but definitely better! We also worked in the creek a couple of times, getting leaves out, making a better drinking hole for Maisy, helping the creek to flow better. Lastly, we worked in the garden, pulling weeds and readying the beds for more planting.

Here’s a video about the surprises we found cleaning the creek!

Field Trip to Stone Mountain

We took Thursday off school and work for a field trip to Stone Mountain. It was a gorgeous 80 degree day (a bit cooler at the mountain) and we all loved hiking and relaxing and playing in the waterfalls. After the shorter hike Samuel and I did the longer, 4.5 mile hike to the summit and around the loop back to the waterfall. He’s my best little hiking buddy. We go as fast as we can and did it in 1.5 hours. He never needs to stop, chatters the whole time, and loves the one-on-one attention as we share something we both love. It was the perfect field trip!

Here’s a quick video about the fun we had!

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