Week Ending 2-25-24 Working Hard, Tacos, Moving Lori

by Marcie
kids in uhaul they are packing

We had an excellent week! Check it out!

Hardworking Monday

Followed by a delicious taco dinner

We came in the house at 4:30 after working/playing outside for 4.5 hours and Kaitlyn had made us a delicious taco dinner. I like the sprouted corn tortillas at Whole Foods to fry for the shells. Then I buy organic ground beef and add our peppers from our garden (in the freezer from last year), home grown dried spices, and black beans. Add some lettuce and tomatoes and a dollop of homemade yogurt and you’ve got yourself a tasty taco indeed!

Followed by brownies and ice cream

I like a bit of chocolate and milk after Mexican food, and we’d worked so hard today so I thought I’d make some brownies and ice cream. I made up the brownie recipe myself and it turned out perfect. The ice cream is just our raw milk with a spoonful of sugar and a drop of vanilla in it.

Tuesday: Fun Activities

Andy and Tilly wanted to do the Calpurnia Tate dating picnic again. It’s in the book “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate” where the girls make a picnic basket of yummy food and the auctioneer auctions them off to the boys. Whoever buys it gets to eat the lunch with the girl who made it. We did this activity when we read the book in August and they wanted to do it again. If you read the book with your children, check out the book study, activities, and slides I’ve written to go with it in my store!

I was the auctioneer and had a great time. I couldn’t stop laughing when I opened Tilly’s huge basket and there was a little stack of string cheese slices wrapped up in a tiny piece of plastic wrap. Enough to serve 1/2 a person and this was supposed to serve 2 people. She also had a box of Triscuits with only a few left and a bag of lettuce.

Kaitlyn’s basket was opposite with 3 boxes of crackers, a whole loaf of bread, a whole head of lettuce, and a huge bowl of chicken salad. She was appealing to a guy with a big appetite! Makenna’s little wooden basket had 2 cute, warm English muffin sandwiches and 2 juice boxes.

To my surprise, Thomas picked Tilly’s basket when I was sure he would pick Kaitlyn’s. Andy picked Makenna’s, and Samuel picked Kaitlyn’s. Everyone had a good time.

Playing Dentist

The rest of the day Tilly and Andy played dentist on each other. And everyone else in the house. We all kept having to make appointments. Andy would go around with his clipboard making you sign up for an appointment whether you needed one or not! Andy made realistic cardboard bitewings, fluoride treatment stuff, and more.

Thursday: Moving Day For Lori

We went down to Charlotte and spent a few hours helping Lori move stuff out of her old apartment into her new one. It was so much fun! I love moving and will probably never do it again, so it’s exciting to help others. The weather was perfect–sunny and 60’s. The kids were great helpers, especially Thomas. We couldn’t have moved the heavy stuff without him.

Have a great week!!

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Lori March 18, 2024 - 4:25 pm

I’m surprised Andy didn’t choose Kaitlyn’s lunch! When he was here he wanted to eat all the time!
Ya’ll were a huge help with moving! My friend couldn’t believe ya’ll helped me and no big grown men like the elders quorum or young men. When I told her I canceled them she kept saying I should have let them help!

Marcie March 19, 2024 - 9:30 am

We had a great time helping you move! No need to call men when you got us! You didn’t have much stuff and we did have Thomas’s muscles. 🙂 That was a fantastic day! I’m so glad you let us help.


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