Week Ending 2-18-24 Life is Humming Along

by Marcie
basket of egg next to yellow crocuses

This week was pretty low-key. We had decent weather for February and worked and played outside a lot. We enjoyed school, watching chickens lay their eggs, watching Isla for 4 days while her parents were out of town, and reading together in the evenings.

Signs of Spring

I love seeing the blush colored buds on the blueberries and the first crocuses opening up.

Excellent Eggs

Our hens are laying terrificly right now. One day when I went to get my chain saw out of the tool shed I found 6 aqua colored eggs in a nest made out of aqua colored twine. That was a fun surprise! They usually only lay in the nesting boxes in the coop. Makenna is the usual egg collector and I love seeing her bring in a whole basket of eggs. I also love putting them into egg cartons to bring to our customers. I’m so grateful for them!

Working and Playing Outside

Coming in to a nice dinner

Every day we played and worked outside from lunch until dinner. It was nice to come in the house to a hot meal. The crock pot is always in use at our house! This time of year I use a lot of our frozen garden veggies. From harvest to December I don’t want to use them. I love having a stocked freezer. But then January through April I’m anxious to get it emptied again so I can start refilling it in summer.

And after dinner, toasting marshmallows

As the fire died down, it was fun to roast marshmallows and eat them with a Valentine fondue I made too much of. Then we read, hung out, and went to bed.

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