Week Ending 2-12-23 Makenna’s Birthday and Thomas’s Half Birthday

by Marcie
15 year old driving for the first time and feeling proud

This was a busy week with rehearsals all 5 evenings. Also we had dental cleanings for 6 kids an hour away so that we were gone all day on Monday. Tuesday was Makenna’s birthday. Wednesday friends came over to play all afternoon. Thursday was just school, play outside and then rehearsal. Friday was a trip to the DMV in a town 40 minutes away so that Thomas could get his permit. I didn’t apply for any jobs or get much done on my blog. I did prune the back grapes and blueberries, cleaned a shed, and did a few things like that. And when an old friend spontaneously sent me money because she was thinking of me I went on a hike in the woods to celebrate.

These first pictures are from Monday morning, going on a walk and then driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the dentist.

Makenna’s 11th Birthday

Makenna is my 7th child, my little breech baby. She is such a sweet girl. I can honestly say that she is perfectly obedient, always answering with, “Yes, Mom” whenever I call the kids for lunch or to come outside and work. When someone asks, “Does anyone want to play ______ ” train tracks, Candy Land, etc she will be the first to say she will. She is very empathetic and understands me which I really appreciate since the older kids are gone.

For her birthday she chose macaroni and cheese for lunch and potato soup for dinner. For years she has made a whole wheat cake for her birthday but this year she wanted to try a store bought angel food cake and decorated it with fondant dragons. I feel bad I was feeling heavy about my job situation and hardly got any pictures of her birthday. We did school in the morning and she watched all the little movies the kids made with our neighbors in Utah in the afternoon. Then we played outside, ate dinner and cake, and went to rehearsal.

Wednesday night before church activities the kids played at the park while I took Makenna on a mommy date. Alexis sent her $20 for a mommy date and we found a cute restaurant on Main Street where she picked the cheapest dinner. (I brought my own.) Then she got a custard at the custard shop. Friday she got an additional surprise from Alexis: A whole package with lots of little presents and candy! Alexis is sooo sweet!

Cute Talea

Thomas turns 15 1/2

Thomas was super excited for his half birthday this year because that’s the day he could get his drivers permit. The little boys were super excited for him too. Andy made Thomas a practice test, drawing signs and writing multiple choice questions. They came with us to the DMV and jumped on Thomas when he said he passed the test.

Have a great week!

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samuel February 16, 2023 - 3:35 pm

Marcie i love your blog !

jennifer wells February 18, 2023 - 7:49 am

Love this and love this way of getting I touch with your family again. Will always miss seeing your family file into the church pew and sitting so reverently. I start reading the weeks and can’t stop!


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