Week Ending 11-5-23 Week With Mama and Frozen Jr.

by Marcie
large family posing in front of stone mountain waterfall

Monday: Stone Mountain State Park with Mama and Lori

large family posing in front of stone mountain waterfall

Mama flew into Charlotte on Friday and Lori brought her up to Stone Mountain on Monday so that she could stay with me for a week. We hiked to the waterfalls and enjoyed a nice, warm fall day.

stone mountain creek

The Stone Mountain waterfall. Then the 5 little kids at a view point of Stone Mountain, which is all we had time for this trip. Mama’s hip was hurting so we had to hike a little slower and we also had to get to town for a dress rehearsal of Frozen Jr.

large family posing on top of stone mountain, nc

Mama, Lori and the 5 little kids at the first Stone Mountain view. It’s past prime fall foliage time but still looked spectacular.

two brothers playing with charcoal on top of stone mountain NC

Andy and Sam wanted to sit here and play with a burned stick and could have for hours but we had to rush back to the car to get to town on time. Unfortunately in our rush we left 2 pairs of shoes, a library book, and my work notebook by the creek. So the next morning after seminary with Tom and Kait, we went back to retrieve those items. Being there just the 3 of us we were so tempted to hike the whole 5 mile loop that we gave in and did! It was a cloudy, cool day and the park was empty so it was fun to see how fast we could run it while also enjoying the views.

Tuesday: Back to Stone Mountain to Retrieve Left Things

two siblings posing on Stone Mountain, NC

Kaitlyn and Thomas at the 2nd view of Stone Mountain. We had sooo much fun hiking just the 3 of us. We made some great memories. I’m so glad they wanted to hike with me.

view from top of Stone Mountain, NC in fall

See if you can spot Kaitlyn in this picture! I thought she was about to fall over the rock mountain when she called me to look at her.

13 year old girl posing on top of stone mountain NC in fall

When I got closer I could see there was more rock behind her. I’m glad she was having so much fun. She’s a beautiful 13 year-old.

13 year old girl with long hair posing on stone mountain NC in fall
mom and two teens selfie on Stone Mountain, NC in fall
view from Stone Mountain, NC in fall

This tree had leaned over and picked up its roots, but then they were solid there. Thomas and Kaitlyn tried standing and jumping on it to see if the tree would stand back up straight, but that whole dirt/root clod could support their combined weight. It was cool.

When we got home… Halloween!

We made dinner in a pumpkin and had the sister missionaries over but we didn’t even take a picture. Then we went trick-or-treating in our small country town which consists of driving a mile or two between houses. It’s really fun though and I love our little town. This is the only picture I took of the whole night.

kids dumping out their Halloween candy in the living room

The rest of the week: hanging out with Mama

Actually, we were very busy. School, chores, rehearsals, looking at houses with Mama, a church dinner I was in charge of, and then the production of Frozen Jr. So it was mostly Tilly who hung out with Mama. One day they made tortilla chips and one day they made chocolate pudding with all the milk we have. They were both good to also help with the chores of milking and digging out all the potatoes before our first freeze.

6 year old pretends to be a chef

grandma milking a cow
kids eating sugar watermelons tiny slices

Makenna’s job was to pick all of her watermelons before the freeze. She cut them up and we had a tasty watermelon party on the porch.


While the 5 kids in Frozen were in their first performance, Lori took Samuel to Morganton, WV for a football game between BYU and WVU. Someone gave her free tickets to the tailgating party as well as the game. They had a great time!

Frozen Jr

This weekend was the play, Frozen Jr. Lori and Mama were here to see it so that was fun! I didn’t get any pictures of us, though. But here are the 5 kids who were in it. Thomas was Oaken and the kids were his family. They were also all townspeople in the city of Arandale in lots of scenes. It was a great play as always. Next is Christmas Carol!

5 siblings in Frozen Jr

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