Week Ending 11-19-23 Tilly’s Loose Tooth and Thomas’s Driver’s License!

by Marcie
15 year old driving for the first time and feeling proud

We all got colds but we still had a productive week. Six kids got checkups, and we did a lot of yard and housework getting ready for Madalyn to come home next week. We did our usual jobs of milking, making yogurt, sprouting lentils for the chickens, etc. We fixed the back windshield that we broke last week and a faucet that broke months ago. We finished our fall semester of school, went to play rehearsals, and brought dinner to friends. And lastly, Talea pulled out her first tooth and Thomas got his driver’s license!!

Here are the pictures we took this week in chronological order.

two kids eating a lunch of homemade yogurt and omelets

Monday: Talea and Samuel were proud that their entire lunch came from our farm: omelets with our eggs and milk, yogurt with our milk.

brother and sister wiggling their loose teeth

Anderson and Talea wiggling their teeth together. They were actually playing “toothfairy” (hence Tilly’s fairy dress) and decided to see who could be the first to pull their tooth out for real.

Tilly won! Tilly’s tooth loose on the left and pulled out on the right. My baby lost her first tooth! All my kids are growing up.

Tuesday: I told the 3 boys to pack some snacks or a sack lunch to go to their well childs in case the appointments took awhile and they got hungry. I jumped in the shower and got out to find Andy had made him and Samuel omelets! And put them in a bag with 2 forks. For his sack lunch! This kid is a great cook.

8 year old boy cutting a trumpet out of wood

Wednesday: Andy drew a trumpet on a piece of wood then took the reciprocating saw and cut it out. I helped him with the tricky parts. It turned out pretty good and I had a great time working with this little guy.

girl opening a storm door

Thursday: When we got home from the 3 girls’ well-childs, Tilly found a note and gift on the door for her. Andy had cut her a wooden gun (which she probably didn’t care about, haha) and left her a cute note. He was sitting on the couch waiting for her to come home to see her reaction. He’s super sweet!

two brothers under the sink fixing it

Samuel and Thomas working to get the old, rusty faucet off. We all took turns sandpapering the rust and trying to unscrew the stuck bolts but we never could get it off. Finally a neighbor came over to try. When he couldn’t get it either he took our reciprocating saw and just sawed the old faucet in two to get it off! Then Thomas quickly installed the new one. It was free, so it’s not my favorite, but no complaints b/c it’s free! At least it works better than the old one. The old one’s handle was off so you had to push a knob really hard to get it to turn the water on. The little kids couldn’t do it and I’m tired of turning it on for them to wash their hands or get a drink. So I’m thrilled to have this new one with an easy handle!

kids cleaning out their homeschool cubbies

Friday was our last day of school for fall semester. Madalyn comes home on Monday and then Kylie and Alexis will come home when BYU ends. It’s so nice to have from Thanksgiving to New Years without school, but enjoy family, making presents, baking, singing around the piano, and serving others. Anyway, we finished all our school work, reviewed what we learned, and cleaned out cubbies.

brother and sister mowing

Saturday we did a lot of yard work to get ready for our short winter. We mowed the pumpkin patch, bush hogged Blueberry Hill, mowed the driveway, and finished pulling out all the plants and grass/weeds from the garden. It’s so fun watching the seasons change and having our jobs change with it. There’s something new to do every season. I love it here.

brother and sister riding john deere and mowing
10 year old boy hoeing garden

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