Week Ending 11-12-23 End of Fall, Broken Window

by Marcie
5 kids holding chickens in fall

The beginning of the week was great. I got a lot done on both work related things and also around the yard. I felt we were using every minute wisely and being very productive. Then Friday we went to the DMV for Thomas’s license to find it closed, despite having gotten an appointment reminder email. Then Saturday we broke our back windshield.

5 kids holding chickens in fall

2023-These are some of the chickens that were born in June. We took this picture to recreate the one we took last year of our chickens that were also born in June but we got them November 2.

2022: Our first chickens we ever got. We bought them from a friend for $4 each and were so excited to get our first animals on our new farm. Since then we’ve added 2 more dozen. The kids love having chickens. They play with them all day. Kids coming to my nature camps love them too. We also sell the eggs, except we only have the chickens we got last year that lay. All of the others we only got in the summer and haven’t started laying yet. Hopefully around Christmastime! That’s when last years June babies laid.

little chicken drinking yogurt from a pumpkin

I sometimes make the chickens yogurt from the raw milk and I decided to pour it into this pumpkin half. They love it! It’s so cute watching one drink it up then try to wipe off her beak.

pine trees behind a pond at Cross Creek Country Club

Where I go walking during seminary. It was supposed to be my last day of taking Thomas and Kaitlyn so I took a picture. Thomas was supposed to get his license the next day. He had an appointment and when we got to the DMV it was closed! Why he was allowed to make an appointment online for a day they were closed, I don’t know. I was so mad. We’re working to get another one this week but it’s really busy and the DMV is far away.

Working and Playing Outside

First picture is of Tilly wiggling her loose tooth while playing in a tree. The other pictures are ripping out the garden, cutting the asparagus down, blowing pecans off the grass. We also stacked wood and mowed the driveway and did a few other odd fall jobs. It was a beautiful week and we had a great time.

Hiking through our woods

I love fall hikes and try to hold on to all the days of spectacular color. It’s sad when it slowly fades away and I realize each day will look more like winter. Here are pictures of this week’s walk in the woods while supper was cooking.

woods in late fall
creek, footbridge, and woods in fall

More minivan troubles

van with broken back windshield

Saturday afternoon we piled the push mower, chainsaw, and other tools in the van to work on the end of the driveway. We all grabbed our tools and went to work. Andy went back to the van for something and when he closed the trunk a broom fell in and instead of the van sensing it and opening like I’d expect, the end of the rake shattered the whole window. There was tinted glass all over the back of the van and driveway. I couldn’t believe it. I just stared and couldn’t believe it. I don’t have jobs lined up for the rest of the month or December so a broken back windshield causes me even more stress.

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