Week Ending 10-29-23 Perfect Fall Week!

by Marcie
6 year old hanging from a tree and smiling

We had a beautiful week with 10 days straight of highs in the 70’s and 80’s and dark blue skies. It was also prime fall foliage week; the best week of the year for spectacular color. I tried to take advantage by doing nature camps, hikes, gardening, and all school outside. It was a great week!

Nature Camp

I held a nature camp at Pilot Mountain State Park for Tilly and two friends and we had a great time. We hiked, sketched, ate lunch, talked, read books, did an obstacle course I made, and just played. It was nice having a small group and very relaxing. The kids were super cute, but I’ll just post two pictures.

3 little kids sitting on a blanket in the woods, drawing
6 year old hanging from a tree and smiling

Sam and Andy Carve Gourds

The little boys were so funny this week. They spent a good portion of each day going to the garden, cutting off a gourd, then sitting at the little picnic table and carving them. They had a great time! When they weren’t carving gourds they were making new secret hiking trails in the woods and carving logs. On the morning of the nature camp they announced they couldn’t go because they had too much to do in the woods that day.:) I love it!

two boys carve gourds
two boys pose with their carved gourds

Drying foods

Fall is perfect for drying apples and herbs! And anything else you want.

Enjoying Time Outside

We couldn’t resist spending as much time as possible outside this week. We loved doing read aloud, sketching, crocheting, talking, playing with the chickens, and hiking in the woods.

brother and sister holding small chickens
siblings sitting on a blue beach blanket in the shade in fall

Tilly is my cute little hiking buddy. We love to hike our woods together.

6 year old sitting on wood bridge over small stream in the fall

Coming up from the garden I was amazed at the beauty and had to take some pictures. I’m so grateful to live here.

beautiful country yard, fall foliage
house with fall colors trees around it
yard with fall foliage trees around
yard in the country with beautiful fall foliage
view of the blue ridge parkway in the fall

The view from across the road. I still can’t believe I live in such a gorgeous place. It’s a dream come true for me.

Samuel Turns 10!

Birthday Date

For Samuel’s birthday he wanted to do a really hard hike with me. So we went up on the Parkway to Rocky Knob and did the Rock Castle Gorge Loop Trail. The sign says 10.8 miles but my phone said 11.6. Other people on the trail and even the park ranger said the mileage is old and probably the phones are more accurate. In any case, it was a hard hike!! We went almost 12 miles starting from where we parked and back to the car. The highest point was 3572′ and lowest was 1700′ at the bottom of the gorge so we did almost 2000 feet in elevation change. Actually more if you count all the ups and downs. We trail ran some of the easy parts and were trying to do it in 4 hours but the rock scrambles really slowed us down as well as other challenging parts: steep hills, river crossings, and narrow sections next to a cliff, so it took us 5 hours and 3 minutes from car back to car. We enjoyed a 10 minute break for lunch and a few other stops for pictures and views and pointing things out. It was a terrific hike! We got so hot and sweaty (75 degrees) and pretty thirsty but loved it. We made great memories and marveled in the beauty of the whole trail. I would definitely do it again.

Birthday Dinner

As soon as we got home (stinky, sore, and exhausted I might add), we got to work having a bonfire in one fire pit and grilling hamburgers in another fire pit for Samuel’s birthday dinner.

girl cooking hamburgers over campfire
family of 6 children eating hamburgers and hotdogs at picnic table

10 year old blowing out birthday candles with little sister watching and smiling

Happy Birthday, Samuel!!

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