Week ending 1-8-23

by Marcie
22 year old older sister doing ballet with 5 year old little sister in a ballerina outfit in the living room

I didn’t take many pictures this week which is sad because now all our company is gone. Kylie and Alexis went back to BYU, Mama went to Lori’s down in Charlotte, and Trish went back to Bulgaria. So now it’s just the 6 younger kids and me again. It was a wonderful Christmas and New Years and I’m sad it’s over. I miss the older girls so much and all the kids do too.

Last Sunday and Monday my cousin Nathan came to visit since my mom and sisters were here. We had a great time. He helped Talea do pullups and ran around with the little boys (pic of the boys pushing him on the swing), and jumped on the trampoline with the 5 little kids. I wish he lived closer. Talea got to do ballet with Kylie, a dream come true for her. Kylie is her favorite person in the whole world, so she was loving it.

Tuesday the 6 kids auditioned for Cinderella the Musical. Nobody got leads, but we weren’t expecting to since Thomas just did in Elf in December. We love being in plays as it gives the kids a chance to go to town and hang out with other children and learn from someone besides me. The directors are amazing. I love that they can all be plays together. Cinderella is ages 5 to 99 so they’ll be with people of all ages which hasn’t happened since Wizard of Oz fall of 2021. Anyway, next week we’ll begin rehearsals.

Wednesday I took Kylie and Alexis to the airport and dropped Mama and Trish off at Lori’s in Charlotte so she could take them to the airport later in the week. I wish I got a good-bye picture but all I got were these. We miss them so much! I’m so glad they were here for 2.5 weeks. I’m proud of them for going to college but wish we could see them more often than just the end of a semester.

Talea hanging from the tree on Friday and wanting her picture taken. We haven’t done much since

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