Week ending 1-29-23 Todd’s birthday, sliding down the stairs,

by Marcie
6 kids celebrating D. Todd Christofferson's birthday with brownies.

This week we had a birthday party for Elder D. Todd Christofferson, slid down the stairs, pruned the grapes, and worked hard at ways to earn money. I applied for a job at Lowes Foods and within an hour had a text for an interview but haven’t heard back since then. So I continue to look for other jobs and think of ways to make money at home. Kaitlyn decided to try to start selling her loveys she crochets.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s birthday

When Anderson was a baby Alexis taught him all the names and faces of the 12 apostles in our church. He was not quite 2 and his favorite was “Todd”, the easiest one for him to say. Alexis also has all their birthdays memorized and we decided to celebrate D. Todd Christofferson’s birthday that January when Andy was 2. It gave us something fun to do on a cold January day. We took a picture and sent it to him of his party plus Happy Birthday cards. He wrote us back! And invited us to visit him in his office in SLC!! That was amazing. I wrote about it on my blog in 2019. Every year since then we have celebrated D. Todd Christofferson’s birthday. We make brownies or a treat, take a picture and send it with the cards we make him. Every year he writes us a letter back. It was sad not having Alexis here this year since she’s who started it all, but she still made a treat at BYU and Kylie did too.


Thomas and Kaitlyn finished the chicken door. Unless they decide to install a door handle. Kaitlyn made a better chicken watering system than the one we had. A chicken decided to lay her egg in a nest in the wood pile. Andy went out to collect eggs and came back with one in each pocket of his mittens. (Unfolding the mitten part and there are fingerless gloves underneath.)

Sliding down the stairs

One morning it was cold and rainy so instead of getting dressed and doing school the 3 little kids got Tilly’s mattress and slid down the stairs. They had so much fun! Meanwhile I got a lot of school done with the older ones while they were happily occupied.

Kaitlyn’s Loveys

The last pictures I have to post this week are of Kaitlyn and her little lovey business. She’s crocheting loveys and I posted a video of them on facebook. I’m sad we don’t live in Utah anymore where she would be kept super busy with babysitting jobs, especially with her older sisters gone. She’s tried getting some here but seems nobody needs one. So now she’s trying to sell her little animal loveys she enjoys making. She doesn’t use a pattern but makes them up all on her own. They’re adorable!

12 year-old holding 6 crocheted animal loveys she made. Bunny, koala, fox, panda, wolf, and frog.

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