Week ending 1-22-23 Playing outside, chicken coop projects, foggy scenery

by Marcie
two little siblings playing outside and having a picnic with their dolls together on a sunny winter day

This was a great week! We didn’t have much going on so we worked on Blueberry Hill, continued fixing up the chicken coop, got a lot of school done, and had plenty of time to play. I kept busy applying for jobs, taking care of everyone, and cutting firewood, my favorite pre-dinner activity.

Playing Outside

We had a great time playing outside everyday. It was 50’s and 60’s all week. One day Andy and Tilly had a picnic with their baby dolls and the next Sam and Andy had a picnic on the front porch. Kait and Kenna had fun riding the hoverboard together and another day rode rollerblades down a grassy knoll. One day Sam and Andy hauled and stacked wood with me, which is more play than work. I love cutting, hauling, and stacking wood. And I love watching my kids play outside.

Working Outside

Wednesday was sunny and 65 so we trekked it up to Blueberry Hill where we have 100 blueberry bushes. Or at least that’s what the previous owners said they planted. But they’re very overgrown. We have to cut down trees growing in the middle and pull out pesky thorny vines that are all entangled with the 8′ blueberries. We worked on it a lot last spring and since it felt like spring I decided to start this season’s work early. I hope to open a pick-you-own blueberry farm this summer.

We also finished some improvements on the chicken barn. Thomas and Kaitlyn made a better feeder and hung it because the chickens were spilling the little flimsy one we had. The chickens finally started laying eggs in the nesting boxes Kaitlyn and Makenna made last week instead of under the porch and behind the chimney. Thomas and Kaitlyn also built a better coop door from scraps around the barn. I love outside projects!

Playing Inside

Inside the house the little kids made edible playdough and played with it for an hour. Kaitlyn spent several days making loveys to sell online. Thomas played board games, read books and played doctor with Tilly. Saturday night after coming in from some yard work we had a reading party. We popped popcorn, made dark chocolate brownies, and read books. Reading parties are the best way to spend a Saturday night!

Foggy Scenery

One day I came out of the woods at dinnertime and saw the fog start to settle in. I ran down to the south pasture to take a picture then turned around and saw that our house was pretty too. My iphone 5 camera is pretty lousy but one day I’ll get a better one. The last two pictures are taken from the road where the fog is butting up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I love it when it does that.

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