Week Ending 1-15-23

by Marcie
7 year old boy in blue shirt holding a black and white chicken and smiling

We had a super busy week. We started rehearsals for the next show, Cinderella, and had a rehearsal every single night. On top of that I had 2 church meetings, Kait and Kenna had orthodontist appointments, I helped a friend clean her house, we went to the bookmobile (it comes every other Wednesday to a place 10 minutes away), made cookies for a meeting, made food for a surprise party for a friend that we also attended, and Thomas had a few things he went to which necessitated me driving him. I try to keep our trips to town to about 3-5 a week but this week was 11!

Looking for ways to earn money

It was also the first week with just us as the college girls went back and my mom and sisters also went back to their houses. We hit it hard with school as we started a new semester. We also worked super hard on coming up with ways to earn money to pay for the February bills. I turned in an application at a store but haven’t heard back. Then I wrote and sent in 2 children’s books to a publisher and was told I’d hear back in 4 months. I also looked into ways to earn money online and helped Kaitlyn acquire some free yarn from a sweet older lady at church who doesn’t crochet anymore and Kaitlyn got to work crocheting loveys to sell online. She sold her first one to a friend at church!

Working outside

We also did the usual working outside in the afternoons with me cutting wood for an hour and the kids hauling it to the wood shed and stacking it. The kids did a lot of chicken chasing during school hours as the chickens love to come up to the house and see if we’ll come out and play with them. I’m afraid they’ll eat my bulbs as they come up and I don’t want them by the house anyway, so we’re trying to train them to stay by their chicken barn. When we’re outside playing all afternoon they’ll stay where they’re supposed to but when we go in they hang out by the house. They are laying 2-3 eggs a day so we’re happy about that. (Can’t wait for spring and summer when they’ll lay more.) We also made 2 nesting boxes from scrap wood.


Watching the kids play with the chickens while I cut downed trees in the woods behind the barn and feeling grateful to be living here. The daffodils and crocuses already coming up and it’s only the middle of January! Makenna’s hair cut and new expander appliance she wanted to show the older kids. Four little paper packets Andy made for us while we were at the orthodontist and left on the arm of the couch for a surprise. Each one contained a little piece of candy. So sweet!

Spencer on his mission in California and enjoying all the rain and flooding they’ve been getting.

My other kids away from home are doing well too. Kylie has awesome news! She got accepted into study abroad in London for next fall! It’s something she’s always wanted, and seeing as it’s very competitive, she’s thrilled. Madalyn is doing well on her mission in Utah and enjoys serving in the area we used to live. Alexis celebrated her half birthday by making a giant cookie pizza and enjoying it with roommates. Have a great week!

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