Three Good Reasons to Homeschool

by Marcie
7 children doing schoool outside on a warm late winter day

People ask me all the time how I started homeschooling and why I still homeschool. I answer both of those in longer articles, but here is a short article with just 3 reasons why I homeschool.

My three main reasons for homeschooling are:

  1. I love teaching my kids. I love planning lessons, learning with them, making memories as we do projects/reports/write poems together.
  2. More free time. We do school in the morning and my children have all afternoon free to pursue their hobbies and interests, play in the woods, relax.*
  3. More family time for trips, projects, and holidays.
    • Trips: My family lives far away so when we visit we’ll take 1-2 weeks to drive there and visit. I also like homeschooling for day trips. We can go to a state park all day while other kids are in school and enjoy the serenity of it. Same with hiking, camping, going to the beach, and visiting museums or monuments.
    • Projects: On a perfect spring day we can just do an hour of school and head outside to plant the garden, work on blueberry hill, build bridges for our creeks. We also have a number of farmhouse renovation projects we love working on when we finish school.
    • Holidays: It’s fun to have holidays with each other big or small. Even Groundhog Day we make special food and do crafts during the day. When family comes for their spring break we can take ours the same week. For birthdays we love spending the whole day together too.

*If my kids went to school they would get off the bus at 3:30. My high schoolers would get off at 4:30. On the nights we have rehearsals we need to eat dinner at 4:45 and leave at 5:30. That would only give the children 1 hour to do homework, play outside, play the piano, crochet, read, build a fort, whatever they want to do. My high school kids would only have time to eat dinner, clean up, grab stuff for rehearsal, and take off again. Most rehearsals are from 6-9 so we’d get home at 9:30 and they’d have to do homework and get to bed.

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