Teen Bedroom Reno

by Marcie
before and after pictures of painting wood paneling in small bedroom

Next on my project list was to do Thomas’s teen bedroom reno. He’s never had his own room before so I wasn’t sure what he wanted and neither was he. It was also going to be the guest bedroom as my mom was coming to visit soon. With the help of a friend we went with beige and neutral decor. It turned out perfect for Thomas, 14, and for my mom too!

wood paneled bedroom
Picture from realtor.com when I first found the house. That’s a lot of wood paneling! The closet is to the left by the window and the door on the right goes into another bedroom. It was once one big bedroom (or maybe the whole upstairs was one big room for all the kids to sleep in in the 30’s) and divided into two so you have to walk through the first one to get to the second. This bedroom became Thomas’s and the second bedroom became the 3 little girls’.
sanding textured popcorn ceiling in a teen bedroom reno
First step is to sand the textured popcorn ceiling.
putting primer on wood paneling in bedroom
After vacuuming the floor we primed the walls.
wood paneling painted beige in teen bedroom reno
Then painted the walls a creamy beige color paint. I painted the crown molding white but left the bottom molding wood color. I love how it turned out!
beige painted wood paneled bedroom with buffalo checked quilt and Moroccan rug
My friend picked out the Buffalo plaid checked quilt which is perfect for a farmhouse style. I got Thomas the same Moroccan shag rug that’s in my room because I love it. Someday we’ll get some more decorations but that’s not my specialty so I’ll need some help with that.

Closet in Teen Bedroom Reno

wood paneled closet
Before I started painting I had decided to rip off all the wood paneling in Thomas’s bedroom. I started with the closet. The left side had several pieces pieced together and I was told there was drywall under it. This is the before picture.
Four children pull off wood paneling in a closet.
The 4 little kids help rip off wood paneling.
wide wood paneling in closet of teen bedroom reno
Another layer of paneling?
three kinds of wood paneling that came out of a closet
There were actually 3 layers of wood paneling on top of each other! All 3 of these kinds.
closet after pulling off wood paneling in teen bedroom reno
After pulling it all down the closet was a mess. There was real wood paneling on the left. As in thick, real wood not pressed fake wood. The other sides did have some drywall. The ceiling was falling down. This is when I stopped and decided to paint the bedroom instead of tear down the wood paneling in there because I didn’t know what I’d find underneath it.
patching holes in drywall in closet and installing wood trim on ceiling and floor
After I painted the bedroom I came back to the closet and figured out how to fix it up. I put trim on the bottom and the top of the walls and lots of caulking to seal cracks and filled all the holes.
closet with primer on drywall and trim
Then I primed it.
closet freshly painted
And painted it the same beige as the rest of the bedroom.
closet painted beige
l left the original wood paneling on the left. There was nothing underneath it but studs. I really liked it. I know it’s under some of the bedroom walls and I was tempted to dig and find it, but it was beat up in a lot of places, that’s why more paneling was put on top of it. But it had a rustic farmhouse look. I was scared with how the closet looked after pulling off all the paneling but I’m so happy and relieved it turned out good! Now I just need to figure out some shelves but Thomas hardly has any clothes so he doesn’t mind the way it is.

That’s it for this bedroom renovation. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to help with your poject.

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