by Marcie

Summer on our farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains is hot and humid, but not nearly as hot or humid as in the Piedmont areas of Virginia or North Carolina. It’s usually 5-8 degrees cooler. We don’t have a/c so I’m glad it’s a bit cooler up here! We mostly open windows at night but when it’s over 81 in the house I put a window unit in the kitchen window and one upstairs to keep us from sweating so much. Our first summer here the baby dolls got moldy, our paper curled, and the envelopes stuck closed so the next summer we used the window units more to keep it drier. Having said that, it’s actually not too hot here. I lived in Dallas for 7 years and Greenville, NC for 9 so it’s not nearly as hot as there. I picked this area for the #1 reason of the weather–lots of rain, not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer– so I can’t complain! It’s green and beautiful all summer and I love it.

The pictures on the property tour are all taken in summer so I won’t add too many here. The first ones are of my blueberry harvest 2022. And one of the blackberries, tomatoes, and grapes. I love going out in the garden after a rainshower when all the fruit is still dripping with water. Then I have a few landscape pictures: the view on Blueberry Hill, the front yard during a thunderstorm, my impatient flower bed, the entrance to my hiking trail in the woods, and a beautiful rhododendron bush.

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