Week Ending 2-11-24 Stitches Out, Makenna’s Birthday, Hauling Wood

by Marcie
12 year old girl blowing out candles

Monday I took Tilly to get her stitches out. At first she was feeling brave and cheerful but in the end she wouldn’t let the doctor get them out. She kicked and screamed and wouldn’t hold still. Kaitlyn and I tried the rest of the day and she’d be calm and brave for a bit, but then wouldn’t hold still enough for us to clip them. So I had to take her to the ER Tuesday night to get sedated. They wouldn’t give her anything until after 2.5 hours of screaming so it was quite the ordeal. Then they finally gave her something but she was so worked up she threw up. But maybe it helped cause after that they finally got them out. It took a lot of prayers, the medication, wrapped like a burrito, and many people holding her down to get them out. But they’re out!

Makenna’s 12th Birthday

Makenna had a good day. We did school, opened presents, had a great lunch, did our farm chores, Kenna made a fancy cake, and we had meat loaf and potatoes for dinner. I can’t believe my little breech baby is 12. She’s #7 but the first to be shorter than me on her 12th birthday. All the other 6 kids were taller than me on their 12th birthday. I’m excited to finally have a short child. Makenna is a peacemaker, always willing to play whatever anyone else plays. She volunteers for the chores, is always happy and smiling, and is a joy to have in our family.

Hauling Wood

Friday we went into the woods before a coming storm to gather firewood. I wanted to get a lot more cut and in the shed before we got a weekend of heavy rain. Besides, it’s my favorite winter activity. We all had a great time. We hauled long dead trees or branches to the sawhorse and cut it to haul to the wood pile.

Have a great week!

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