Pantry Reno

by Marcie
before and after picture of remodeled pantry

Pantry reno synopsis

Our pantry is a lean-to addition that was added to the previous addition of bathroom and laundry area. The view below is taken from what used to be the back door. The back porch steps are still under the lean to; they just added it on top of them, then put the door on the right. It’s basically studs with some wood paneling on top. The paneling is sagging in many places and has water damage around the window from when the window is open during summer storms. So I put up some trim along the corners and around the window and painted the whole thing including the ceiling. Then added a few decorations.

Before reno pictures

Two different wood panelings made for an ugly pantry. I’ll probably tear the whole thing down someday so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this but do want it make it prettier in the meantime. Here’s the first picture as I start to prime and paint.
The wood paneling around the window was peeling so I fixed it with putty.
Standing at the end of the pantry by the shelves and looking out the door. Where the wood panels from the ceiling met the wall were gaps that wasps would fly into so I put wood trim up and caulked to seal it off. Here Samuel is helping me measure the wood pieces.

After reno pictures

Much better!
Makenna helps me put up wood trim around the window.

Before and after pictures of the pantry lean-to reno or update. It looks and feels so much better! I almost didn’t do it b/c it’s not like a room we hang out in, but I’m so glad I did! It didn’t cost me much as I already had the paint and the trim was cheap. I made the curtain out of burlap fabric, a friend gave me the succulents, and I got the pantry sign on Amazon here as a splurge. I love the pantry reno!

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