Master Bedroom Reno

by Marcie
before and after picture of a small 1930's house master bedroom remodel

While Alexis was gone on a little trip I had to keep busy so I didn’t miss her too much. I also wanted to surprise her with getting a few projects done around the house. So I decided to do a master bedroom reno and paint it.

It’s hard to tell which room is the master since none of them have bathrooms or walk-in closets, but this room does have 2 closets and is the one the previous owners used as theirs so I took it as mine. Besides all the other rooms were already claimed by the kids! It’s upstairs and the ceiling is only 6′ tall up there and there’s no heat. For the first family who lived there they used wood stoves and the heat rose up the chimney and heated the upstairs. When central heat was added, vents were only put in downstairs. That’s fine, we don’t go upstairs too much during the day anyway and don’t mind sleeping cold.

Before master bedroom reno

master bedoom in forest green
The picture from It’s a stretched out a little and not this big. And both closets are the same size.

Let’s get this master bedroom reno going!

First step is to start priming.
putting primer on a bedroom wall
Priming over the green paint.
9 year old girl painting a bedroom gray
Makenna staying up late to help me paint it gray.
room finished painting
Looking good in gray.

Master Reno Done!

master bedroom with a gray comforter, Moroccan shag rug, swag valances with burlap ties, window seat.
It took a couple more months to find a comforter I liked, a Moroccan shag rug, and make some valances out of a white and gray sheet with burlap ties. Then I updated the door handles too. I still need some decorations but I’m loving it!

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