Holladay Happenins

by Marcie

Check out my personal family blog, Holladay Happenins, for weekly updates about what we’re doing! Starting in 2023 I started posting them here but prior to that they were all on blogspot. So if you’re interested in past years, check it out.

single mom and 10 kids group hug

History of Holladay Happenins: In 2008 we were living in North Carolina, across the country from my parents and siblings. My 5th baby was just learning to walk and I’d felt bad my family had missed all of my other children learning to crawl, walk, and talk. I decided to make a blog on blogspot and post pictures and videos of my children for my family to see and keep in touch. Some years are sparse because I did more physical scrapbooking than posting on the blog but since 2015 I’ve posted every week.