Week ending 5-14-23 Outside projects, rock climbing, Mother’s Day

by Marcie
sisters play with chicks

This was another busy week of me working constantly on a music curriculum to sell. Whenever I needed a break I worked outside. We had several big projects. One was Blueberry Hill on Wednesday, another was cutting down the dead trees on the driveway, and another was moving an electric cow fence on Saturday when Lori was here to help.

Making progress on Blueberry Hill

blackberry bramble amongst blueberry bushes
Just when we think we’re making progress, we come to a huge blackberry bramble all tangled up in the blueberries. It looks beautiful all flowering, but it’s a big pain pulling out! Thorns all over it, crawling under to cut all the vines, many kids pulling at the same time to entangle it. We got several big ones out this day and it felt so good. Still lots to do before it gets too hot, but it’s coming along!
a bunch of brambles in the blueberry bushes
So much growing in and on the blueberry bushes.
5 year old girl in a field in spring.
Andy was the cameraman this day and took a cute one of Tilly walking through the pasture towards the driveway. All those dead trees are now gone, as we cut them the following day.
7 year old boy in overalls carries branches through a field.
kids clearing out the blueberry bushes
a mom carries branches through a field
Me dragging a thorn tree.
two teenage siblings wave at the camera while they're working outside
Kait and Tom having a chat break.
11 year old girl carries branches over her head
Mom and 6 kids standing in a field with their arms out and smiling
Lexi says this is some pose? I say it’s, “Ahh! We’re done! And that breeze feels so good.”
path to the blueberry bushes
Last year the neighbor’s cows were up here eating it down, but this year they’re not. So Thomas mowed a path for us to walk on to get to the blueberry bushes.
overgrown blueberry bushes


Watermelon box

11 year old kneeling by a garden bed she planted
Makenna planting her watermelon seeds. She’s always excited to grow watermelons.
11 year old kneeling by a garden bed she planted

Squash seeds

a squash seed barely poking out of the ground
A squash seed starting to sprout. It’s so fun to see its progress.
a squash plant 1/2 inch high
tiny squash plant 1" high

Kiwi flowers and forming fruit

A tiny kiwi on the left. Then zoomed out on the right to see how tiny it truly is on the tree. I had to look close to find them. I hope we get some kiwi this year! Last year bugs ate the leaves in July and then the kiwi stopped growing.

male kiwi plant growing new leaves
Male kiwi plant


huge lettuce head
boy holds a huge lettuce head he grew
Samuel with a huge head of lettuce. Best lettuce crop we’ve ever had.

Thursday: Rock climbing and hiking with the boys

a boy rock climbing

Thomas had a rock climbing activity at Pilot Mountain State Park so I decided it was a great time to hike since I’d be dropping him off and picking him up. I brought the little boys along and we had a great time. We hiked 3 miles up in 1 hour 15 minutes, watched them rock climb for a bit, then ran down in 30 minutes, got the car, and drove back up to get Thomas who was done climbing.

Sam and Andy climbed up to the ledge to get a closer look of Thomas rock climbing.

Watching from the ground after Thomas was done. Then we ran the 3 miles down. I love taking my boys hiking. They have good attitudes and enjoy it too.

Saturday: moving fence posts and wire

kids goofing off while moving an electric fence
Kids moving an electric fence
So glad Lori was here to help! We got a lot done but still have more to go.

Mother’s Day

While talking to Madalyn on video she couldn’t believe how tall Kaitlyn was. So Kaitlyn and Alexis measured to see if Kaitlyn was the same height yet. Not quite!

two sisters with matching dresses hold chicks.
After Christmas my mom bought them matching dresses. They’re so beautiful. It was a fun Mother’s Day afternoon hanging out outside with each other and the chickens. I love living here.
3 sisters feed chicks out of their hands
kids play with chickens on the ground
5 year old holds chick
kids play with chickens on the grass
hanging out with chicks

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