Healthy Rice Cake Toppings

by Marcie
5 rice cakes with different toppings sitting on table

Rice cakes with healthy toppings is great idea for an after school snack! Buy a package of organic multigrain rice rice cakes and put various toppings on them. Here’s a list of ideas:

Healthy Rice Cake Toppings

5 rice cakes with different toppings sitting on table


  • peanut butter
  • peanut butter and raisins
  • peanut butter and honey
  • peanut butter and cinnamon sugar
  • hazelnut butter
  • hazelnut butter and bananas
  • hazelnut butter and raisins
  • hazelnut butter and cinnamon sugar


  1. Spread various toppings on rice cakes, making each unique.
  2. Serve with apple slices and banana slices.

Snack time at my house

Almost every afternoon we go outside to work or play. I love to go into the woods to cut firewood and I know the kids will be coming into the house for a bathroom break or drink. I’m afraid if they also feel hungry they’ll grab something without a lot of substance to it–like a handful of pretzels or a piece of their Halloween candy. So I always fix a snack with real food and leave it on the table. I know on the way back outside after using the bathroom they’ll see the snacks on the table and grab one or two. I love it! It’s extra work for me to make a snack but it’s worth the peace of mind knowing they’re eating nutritiously. And it saves me time of continuously catching kids eating candy or empty foods and telling them to find something healthy to eat.

Let me know of any other combinations of healthy rice cake toppings I should try. And if it worked to leave them on the table while you went about your business. I do a different snack every day so the kids come to expect it and will eat whatever I put out. It’s so much easier than fixing their own. And it makes it feel like a wonderfully free afternoon. Come in and out and there’s always a yummy snack waiting on the table.

Where I bought these healthy rice cake toppings

Since moving to a small town, health food stores are hard to find. I miss living in Salt Lake where I had one in every direction from my house.

The organic hazelnut spread, raisins, and rice cakes were bought at Lowes Foods.

I bought the honey at Sam’s Club when we first moved here but since then buy honey from our neighbor in a big jar and refill this squeezable container as needed. Sam’s Club is too far away and I no longer have a membership.

Organic peanut butter I can only find at Whole Foods or on Amazon. Whole Foods is also a store over an hour away so I only go a couple of times a year, but I do love their stuff.

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Lindsay February 9, 2023 - 1:40 pm

Great idea, they look yummy!!

Rebecca February 9, 2023 - 6:23 pm

Simple, yet delicious!


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