Dining Room Reno

by Marcie
before and after picture of a dining room reno paint job.

Someday I want to do a major dining room reno. Like knock out that wall by the table and the chimney from the basement. Then knock out the wall behind the piano (to the big girls’ room) and make it one big great room. But for now I thought I’d paint it. I don’t like the off white paint and brown wood paneling so I chose a blue/gray and gray. I don’t like how it turned out, haha, but it’s better than it was so for now that’s how it’s going to be. At least it looks better.

dining room before being sanded and painted
First job is to sand all the white textured walls.
sanding and painting a major beam in the dining room, living room
dining room wood paneling being primed
Then start priming the wood paneling.
dining room wood paneling, walls and trim painted light and dark gray
Then paint everything: wood paneling, walls, trim, beams. I also decided to paint the window trim.
kitchen window trim painted white with a swag curtain valance blue gray buffalo check
I bought a single curtain panel in the buffalo check and then draped it sideways like a swag valance and tied it with burlap twine.
wood paneling and wall by fridge and microwave painted light and dark gray
And the dead end area in the kitchen.
brown basement door and 70's staircase about to be painted
Decided I should paint the brown door to the basement (where the water heater and furnace are) too.
basement door painted white with new black door knob and staircase wall painted gray
70's kitchen and dining room updated with the wood paneling and walls painted light and dark gray
All finished!

Like I said, I don’t love it, but at least it’s better. I’m terrible at interior designing but I’m trying. And trying to keep it low cost. Hopefully it won’t be too far away when I can remodel the whole kitchen/dining room anyway by knocking out 2 walls, getting new countertops, putting in an island, things like that. Then I’ll get someone to help me decorate. 🙂

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