Creating Memorable Homeschool Activities

by Marcie
homeschool kids making neurons out of play doh for science as a memorable homeschool activity

My fondest memories of homeschooling are the activities we did together. When I ask my older children about their most memorable homeschooling moments they will site any number of fun activities we did. Things such as: acting historical events out, building famous monuments with clay, scavenger hunts, archaeological digging in the sandbox to find things I’d buried, and dissecting animals.

A picture is worth a 1000 words in my opinion. You can tell me all day about your activities but if I can’t see pictures of it, I don’t know how to picture the activity and my creative juices will never flow. Therefore, here are a bunch of pictures showing the actives we’ve done in hopes that it will help your brain take off with great ideas of creating memorable homeschool activities for your children.

Memorable History Activities

6 kids make castles out of sugar cubes for a memorable homeschool activity
When we studied an ancestor born in 1110 in Wales who attacked castles, we made our own castles from sugar cubes.
two girls dress up as pioneer in a memorable homeschool activity
Then we studied our pioneer ancestors who crossed the plains. Kaitlyn and Alexis spontaneously dressed up like them.
boys play stickpull. Three kids on one side against 1 teenage boy on the other side.
We also played stickpull like in pioneer times.

These two pictures are from a time we were studying George Washington at Valley Forge. We hiked all through our woods and pastures and hills until we were tired. The two boys didn’t bring coats (they have one coat they share between then and neither decided to wear it.) One boy didn’t bring a hat or gloves and was wearing holey shoes with no socks. So it made it even more real! They got a good taste of being cold and not having adequate clothing. What they didn’t taste was their shoes. We learned that the soldiers were so hungry they ate the leather from their shoes. I carried a pot of beans the whole way along with a gauze blanket with some hardtack, dried beef, and dried apples. We sat in the snow and were happy to eat it, knowing we were faring better than most of the soldiers. Then we practiced some military maneuvers of Von Steuben we’d learned. Back at home we wrote letters home to our loved ones with feather pens. It was a very memorable history day indeed!

Memorable Geography Activities

We took 2 years studying all the countries and states in the world. As often as possible I invited someone over who was from one of those countries or states to teach us about it. We had people from Brazil, Chile, Armenia, Hawaii and others. Below are pictures of Alexis dressing up in Hawaiian clothing and the kids making sushi. It was so neat to have actual clothing, objects and food from their home place.

When we studied Vietnam these 4 kids wanted to learn about water puppetry. They made plastic cup puppets, took a bath with swimsuits on, and performed a Vietnamese water puppet show. It was so funny!

Memorable Science Activities

5 kids show cards how they typed their own blood in a memorable homeschool activity.
Blood typing in anatomy & physiology class was really fun as the kids always wanted to know their blood type.

Watching a bar of soap explode in the microwave. I can’t remember what we were supposed to learn from it, but somehow it went with the lesson and was really fun.

Memorable Art Activities

4 kids show their soap sculptures they made in homeschool
After learning about Michelangelo in art history class the 4 oldest kids tried their hands at soap sculpturing. They carved a bar of soap into different shapes. Madalyn’s is a flower, Kylie made Idaho and Tennessee, Spencer made a piece of pizza, and Alexis made a butterfly.

Memorable Music Activities

5 little kids play the chimes for homescchool
Grandpa made us a set of chimes so I did a music class with the 5 oldest kids. I wrote the notes on a big poster board and they were able to follow along and play them. Easy songs like Ode to Joy.

And lastly, some fun PE moments

6 siblings on the teeter totter at the park.
The park is a great place for kids to run around, especially if you don’t have much of a yard. In this picture the 6 younger kids were seeing how many kids they could fit on the teeter totter.
teen brother on a green machine bike pulls teen sister on a plasma car for a fun PE activity.
I loved watching my high school kids play outside. Here Spencer, in 9th grade, pulled Kylie in 12th on the plasma car tied to the Green Machine.

Sorry, I was going to put a lot of pictures but it’s taking me too long. I have to find them and the computer is super slow to upload and post. I’ve always felt like a slacker homeschool mom when it comes to fun activities because I was pregnant and tired or busy with babies and toddlers. So my activities are not nearly as impressive as other homeschooling families. But that’s ok! I did the best I could with the energy I had. And looking through the pictures I realize I did enough. We stayed home a lot and have sweet memories of learning together. Also, with the kids still at home I can start now and create more memorable homeschooling activities that we’ll all talk about in the future with fondness.

Create Your Own!

Like I explain in writing your own lesson plans, history is my main subject I plan. I read the textbook and decide on some fun activities that go along with it so I’m not just reading it every day. This way it also incorporates many other subjects. If you do pick history to focus on, here’s a quick list of things to do:

  • act it out (theater)
  • do any type of art/craft project (art)
  • write a song (music)
  • learn about a historical scientist (science)
  • learn about a historical mathematician (math)
  • study the culture and society and language of the place and time (social studies and geography)
  • write a report about a historical person (writing)
  • read historical fiction and non-fiction books about the place or time period (reading)

As always, I’m not sharing to show you I’m a good mom because I certainly struggle to be. Instead I’m hoping to inspire you to keep being the amazing mom you are. For those thinking you’re not getting enough done in your homeschool, just do one fun activity and call it a day. That’s what they’re going to remember the most anyway. Furthermore, they’re learning more from it than you think. It likely covers many subjects and just incorporating so many senses makes it a great assignment. So forget the spelling test, but do a fun activity instead and create some long lasting memories!

PS Since writing this post in 2020 I have listed several curricula for sale that include lots of activity ideas.

20th Century US History. Full curriculum. Encompasses all subjects. Grades K-12.

20 Century US History Music (just the music portion. It’s included in the full curriculum.)

Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Book Study and Activities. So many fun activities for each chapter! Great place to get started if you’re new to homeschooling or trying to do more group subjects and activities.

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