Favorite Recipes

by Marcie

Here are our favorite recipes. This is not a food blog so my pictures aren’t great, but I’m frequently asked what I feed my family. I strive to have 80% of the ingredients be real food so don’t worry, even the treats on here are healthy. Try one out and let me know what you think!

pot and potatoes

Easy Meal Planning

This post is all about the easiest meal planning ever!! One simple technique will solve all…

A small orange pumpkin just out of the oven, all cooked.

How to cook a pumpkin

Cooking a whole pumpkin is super easy! There’s no reason to buy canned pumpkin; I don’t…

bowl of delicious homemade raw milk yogurt with berries and granola

How to Make Yogurt

Here is a simple way of how to make yogurt! No fancy supplies or equipment needed.…

smoothie in a Blendtec wildside jar sitting on a table.

Juice Shake

My kids have always called smoothies “juice shakes.” I guess because we throw a bunch of…

pumpkin chili ingredients on the counter in front of a crock pot

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin chili is my favorite recipe to use my garden produce in. Guess how many home…

zucchini egg strata in a glass baking dish

Zucchini Egg Strata

What do you do with all the zucchini from your garden and eggs your chickens are…