Benefits of Real Food

by Marcie
A bowl of raspberries, blueberries, and other healthy food.

Eating real food has changed my life. I’m beyond grateful I picked up 100 Days of Real Food at the library in 2018. The biggest benefit is no more worrying about my weight. No overeating and then dieting, no trying to deprive myself, no bad relationship with food. Just eat only real food and you will naturally be satisfied every time you eat. I promise. You will feel better than you have in years.

Here’s my simple list of the benefits of eating real food

  1. Energy. I couldn’t be the single mom of 10 children if I didn’t eat real food!
  2. Natural fullness. I don’t overeat because I’m naturally full and satisfied.
  3. Maintain weight easily. I’m able to maintain a healthy weight for my height without trying.
  4. Regular, predictable periods. Every single period is the same and I love to know what to expect. 
  5. No migraines.
  6. No cavities.
  7. No constipation.
  8. No heartburn.
  9. No mood swings.
  10. I sleep great and feel great! Need I say more?!

Other people report healthier, nails, skin, and hair. I’ve always had healthy nails so I can’t speak to that. My skin and hair could definitely use a boost, so I maybe I need to eat even more real foods, especially fruits and veggies. However, I have had 13 pregnancies and thin hair runs in my family so I don’t know if there’s any hope for it.

Check out some real food books that have stories of people who cured their infertility, cancer, autoimmune disorder, cavities and more.

Also, here is a podcast with a lady who cured her husband’s end stage liver disease by switching to real foods.

Kody Hanner on 1000 Hours outside podcast

Let me know the benefits you notice after you switch to real food! I love feeling healthy, alive, and energetic. I’ll never go back to processed foods and feeling sick, dead, and lethargic. Live foods will make you feel alive!

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