11-20-22 Another Normal Week

by Marcie

Another normal week. We enjoyed doing school each day and playing outside in the afternoons and going to rehearsals a few nights.

Tuesday: Alexis sang in the choir at the BYU devotional. It was fun to look for her on the TV screen!
Thursday: A pretty sunset while I was walking at the golf course during seminary.

Thomas took this of me reading to the 5 little kids (with him listening in:)). We’ve been reading the Chickadee Court holiday mysteries and they’re so good. We read the Halloween one last month and are now reading the Thanksgiving one and then will read the Christmas one. I read them to the kids every few years.

Friday: The garden looking pretty dead. We got our first killing frost this week. The herbs and lettuce and garlic are fine but the peppers and tomatoes are officially gone.

Kaitlyn doing a fun obstacle course she made up. My video wouldn’t work, so I took a few pictures. They had to hop from log to log and crawl under the grapes and eat green onions with their teeth and do a bunch of other tricks. It was so fun watching them have fun and not wanting to come in for dinner.

The last obstacle was climbing a ladder they made themselves from scrap wood then sit in the tree and eat the green onions.

I went in the house then turned and looked at them and loved seeing them perched in a tree with the mountains in the background.

Saturday: Thomas and Kaitlyn went to the temple with the youth from 9am-6pm so I just had the 4 younger ones. They made another obstacle course and played games and played in the woods. It was a really nice Saturday.

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